Accessibility statement
24th May 2023


  • Situated on the promenade of the Island’s capital Douglas. With sea views of Douglas Beach and Promenade
  • A 10-minute walk from the local and only train station
  • Taxi rank directly outside the premises
  • Bus stop directly outside the premises, 7-minute walk to the main bus station.
  • Level paved areas at the front of the premises. The front of the premises has a large level seating area, level paving, promenade road 3 inch curbing to walkways
  • 3 front entrances in total, wheelchair access (if able to enter through front doors). the company was unable to fit larger doors due to the age and protection of the building – and the doors were not allowed to be changed.
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets are available at the main entrance of the Villa Marina Arcade, 1 minute away.
  • Sea terminal 8-minute walk from premises
  • Horse tram drop off / pick up directly outside the premises
  • Bicycle rack 2 mins from premises.


  • Car parking is available directly outside the front of the premises (limited spaces). This is a 2-hour limit using the Isle of Man parking disc, available at the dept of transport headquarters, an 8-minute walk.
  • Further 2-hour disc parking is available on the entire length of the main promenade at the front of the premises.
  • Disabled parking is available at the front of the building, directly outside.
  • Car park 1-minute drive from premises, which has floors that are parking disc 2 hours, and pay and display floors also. Please make yourself familiar with which floor are which type of parking on arrival.
  • Full street lighting at the front of the building, all the way down the walkway and promenade..
  • Drop-off points for drivers at the front of the premises, by all three entrances.
  • All three entrances are glass/wooden single-door openings/access.
  • Customers can be helped into the premises by any member of staff if requested.


  • The premises is split into two separate areas, low seating/booth ‘restaurant area’, with higher stool seating/booths in the ‘Bar Area.’
  • Seating is a mixture of Booth seating, upright chairs with and without arms, and bar stools.
  • Tables are available in both fixed seating and moveable.
  • The height of the tables is 30” 760mm
  • Chairs vary in height depending on the style
  • The whole premises is well lit, with varied lighting.
  • The whole area of the flooring level is one height only; assistance can be provided by any member of staff upon request
  • There is no table service available at any time, customers can either order directly on their mobile device or order at the bar. This applies to food and drinks.
  • The whole premises has wooden flooring, in a ‘herringbone’ style.
  • Wooden bar top
  • Walls are covered in plaster and painted, or areas with real wood and cushioned.
  • The menu is only available at the moment in print and email copies. Brail and large text are not available.
  • Crockery is green in colour
  • Tablecloths are not used.
  • Music is played at a medium level, with up-tempo dance and disco style later in the evening, with the volume being increased.
  • There are 3 TV’s which show varied music and news channels
  • The is no hearing loop available


  • There are both ladies’ and gents’ toilets.
  • Toilets are marked on the premises, with separate male and female entrances.
  • Each toilet has one ambulant toilet in them; disabled toilets are 1 minute away from the premises at the main entrance to the Villa Marina Arcade.
  • The entrance to the toilets is all-level flooring
  • The door width to the toilets is 31” / 800mm.
  • Grab rails are available in the ambulant toilets, also red alarm cords.
  • Alarm cords are linked to behind the bar with a siren alarm and light notification for staff to assist.
  • A red flashing alarm light is situated outside both toilet doors for customer alert.
  • Disabled toilets are the height required set by Government legislation
  • The flooring in all toilets is a real tile, in a black and white Victorian style. Note this can be slippery when wet
  • Ladies have three toilets, two hand sinks and mirrors, one hand dryer
  • Gents have one toilet, a 1.2meter in length urinal trough for three persons, two sinks, and 1 hand dryer.
  • There are motion-activated taps and hand-drying facilities.
  • All the walls are genuine tiles.


  • There is no smoking area at the front of the premises; persons must leave the covered area at the front and move to open promenade areas.
  • There is a seasonal seating area erected at the front of the premises.
  • The flooring is paved
  • The outside chairs are a whicker style in black, cushioned seats.
  • The tables are metal bases and flip tops, with hard-wearing composite table tops in black.
  • There is a metal bin for rubbish, but no hot ash
  • There are blankets available to keep customers warm
  • There is no allowance for charging mobility scooters or battery-powered wheelchairs at this time
  • Outdoor area table service is not provided
  • There are no bookings taken whatsoever for both inside and outside. This venue is a ‘walk in’ first come, first served tables. Once seated, the table is yours for as long as you wish to be there.
  • There is no table service; all orders are by mobile device or ‘order at the bar’ only.


  • Staff are aware of serving wheelchair customers full table service on arrival.
  • Evacuation procedures are marked at every entrance, and staff have received basic fire training and evacuation procedures.
  • There is a dedicated fire marshal and first aid certificate holder member of staff working every day
  • The whole inside and outside lighting of the premises is used with LED low-energy bulbs
  • WIFI is free throughout the premises.


  • There are no future plans at the moment for access changes, as the company feels it has covered legal requirements and beyond.